WGN Chicago: Unique Gift Ideas!

Kelly  joined WGN Chicago to discuss some creative and unique gift ideas! Get the best gifts of 2022 below!

  1. Crumble Crate 

From the friend who wishes she had more time to bake to the person who seems to have everything, make your holiday shopping easy by gifting the experience of Crumble Crate! This subscription box is packed with everything you need – labeled & pre-measured dry ingredients, baking tools, a recipe card, and even a QR code with video tutorials & pro tips! 

  • Each month features everything you need for a new mouthwatering creation!
  • Premium-quality dry ingredients come pre-measured for easy prep
  • Includes specialty baking tools and fun kitchen surprises!
  • Keepsake recipe card means you can make your favorite recipes again and again
  • Makes 12-24 servings
  • Choose from month-to-month, 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions
  • Kits ship by the 7th of every month

Price: Starting at $32.75

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  1. Sidney Byron 

When it comes to packing light or fitting everything into a carry-on, finding a multifunctional travel bag is key. This take-anywhere bag from Sidney Byron, the Suncatcher Carry All Pouch and Tote Set, features a trolley sleeve to help make travel light and a drawstring closure and zippered interior pockets to help keep everything secure. The comfy velvet interior is roomy enough to hold a day's worth of essentials and the exterior strapping keeps your hat securely in tow. Additionally, the coordinating zippered take-along pouch separates those smaller items.

  • The tote and pouches can be parched together or separate 
  • Both are made with natural jute (a natural product and slight variations in the fiber)
  • Pouch is perfect for carrying smaller items such as phone accessories, makeup, etc.
  • Tote includes interior zippered pocket and large pom tassel
  • Can hold up to 3 hats thanks to the interior pockets and exterior strapping
  • Comes in 4 colors:
    • Herringbone
    • Natural 
    • Navy and White
    • Yellow and White 

Price: Suncatcher Carry All Pouch and Tote Sets starts at at $115

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  1. TNT Pro Series 

Keep up with your health and fitness goals during the holiday season!

TNT Pro Series’ mission is to help you to transform your life by getting the most from your workouts and helping you accomplish your fitness goals.  With TNT Firestarter, you can comfortably retain body heat while removing excess water weight. You'll ignite your fat burning metabolism, and turn your body into its own personal sauna. The Fire Starter HOT Tropical Sweat Cream accelerates warm-up and decreases recovery time when working out. Helping you take your workouts to the next level while burning that stubborn belly fat. Burning calories & losing Sweat has never felt so sweet! 

  • For Women & Men, a thermogenic sweat cream that burns the calories for you!
  • Increase, heat, circulation and sweat, especially in those areas with stubborn weight
  • Comfortably retain body heat while removing excess water weight. You'll ignite your fat burning metabolism, and turn your body into its own personal sauna.
  • With a BRAND NEW heating agent infused into the cream, your belly is going to feel like your next to a warm campfire.
  • 30-Day No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee

Price: Fire Starter HOT Tropical Sweat Cream is $14.99

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  1. Kids Crafts

If there was ever a time to support young girls, it's now! We found a woman-owned company that is on a mission to expose girls to the stories of mighty trailblazing women like Maya Angelou and Amelia Earhart through their modern craft kits.

LeadHER Collection craft kits provide the opportunity for girls to learn the stories of these remarkable women and create a tangible keepsake to remind them to be a trailblazer and not a spectator. They are perfect for tweens ages 8+ and would make incredible holiday presents. 

  • Provides an educational story providing the opportunity for girls to learn how to step into their power
  • Challenges girls to think like LeadHERs – kits include thoughtful discussion questions that encourage girls to chase their dreams and use their voice for change.
  • For every purchase made a portion of the proceeds to organizations working to empower girls across the globe.
  • Girls get the chance to see themselves in their stories and know they are capable of anything.

Price: Kits starting at $24.99

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  1. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop is here to make your holiday a little bit sweeter. They deliver small-batch cookies, baked with mostly organic, fair trade or non-GMO ingredients for a treat that’s wholesome and delicious. Every batch is baked with love and care that delivers a home baked taste with a quality you expect from your neighborhood bakery.

  • Baked fresh and shipped out the same day
  • Cookie of the month subscriptions
  • The original cookie pie - Each 8 inch pie serves 8 people
  • DIY Cookie Kits
  • Monthly subscriptions, you’ll receive a different cookie to bake each month
  • Finest ingredients and never any preservatives. 

Price: Starting at $12

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  1. Marbela Cosmetics

 Marbela Cosmetics is your go-to place for gifts and natural cosmetics. From fresh ingredients to soothing skin products, Marbela curates handmade bath products that you are sure to love. Everything is handmade with love with a goal of making people feel naturally fabulous. 

  • Wide array of products including bath bombs, shower fizzies, soaps, scrubs and more
  • Plastic-free shampoo and conditioner (bars)
  • Make their own fragrance blends
  • Minimal environmental impact, sustainable
  • All natural, vegetarian, cruelty free and made with love

Price: Starting at $7.95

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  1. BLITHE Cosmetics 

BLITHE Cosmetics is a luxury skincare brand at an affordable price! They have simplified skin-care, so that your me-time, wouldn't be a burden on your wallet, and more importantly, on the environment and our planet earth. Less is more with Blithe as you can do your whole skincare routine with just 2 products – the Vital Treatments & Pressed Serum! These multi-purpose products serve as essense, toner, serum, eye cream, and mositurizer. 

  • Every product is multi-function! 
  • Products include Cleansers, Sunscreen, Primers, Serums, and overnight care
  • Experience skin health improvement with consistent use
  • Cruelty-free, environmentally friendly
  • Crated to provide high quality, affordable skincare products 
  • For all skin types 
  • Recommend for all skin types – dry, oily, sensitive, etc! 

Price: Starting at $15

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  1. Cat Amazing

This is a great gift for the cat lover that you know. The treat puzzle engages your cat's natural instincts to hunt, seek and retrieve rewards. These boredom-buster treat puzzles also give insight into your cat’s mind at work as they find strategies to solve the puzzles. 

  • No more bored cats! 
  • Works with your cat’s favorite treats 
  • Promotes healthy activity through play and foraging
  • Veterinarian-recommended enrichment for indoor cats
  • Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable

Price: Starting at $16.95

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