Pull Start Fire - See The Buzz

Ready for the fastest and easiest way to start a fire? So is the media! Here's some buzz.

"Without an ounce of doubt, it’s the simplest way I’ve lit a fire." - Best Products

"This quick and easy fire starter only requires you to do one thing: pull a simple string and watch your fire roar to life. It’s that simple!" - New York Post

"This handy kit makes it easier than ever to start your camp fire. No matches or kindling are needed—just add wood, pull the string, and watch it burn!" - Country Living

"...if you're trying to impress ~absolutely no one~ with your fire starting skills and just want a quick wind- and weatherproof way to get the job done." - Buzzfeed

"The Pull Start Fire gets your bonfire blazing with just the pull of a string—no matches, lighters, or kindling necessary. It’s rainproof, windproof, and can even light wet wood." - Real Simple

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