NBC Austin: You'll Want to See These Gift Ideas!

The Buzz On Gifts' Kelly checks in with NBC Austin for gifts you'll want to see! Check them out:

1. Smart Glass Jewelry

It can be hard to find ethical jewelry brands which is why I’m really excited to introduce you to Smart Glass Jewelry. This woman-owned company has dedicated itself to thoughtful sourcing - basically scraps from your favorite beverage bottles are given a matte finish and turned into jewelry pieces that are perfect for gifting.

  • All the colors are original to the bottles. 
  • They take something you see everyday and shift your perspective on how you see it.
  • Each piece of jewelry comes with a gift card that has the bottle key inside which tells you what colors come from what bottles.
    • Aqua is from a Bombay Sapphire bottle
    • Cobalt is from a vodka bottle
    • Pine is from a red wine bottle
    • Antique clear is from a Coca-Cola bottle
    • Periwinkle is from a Sake bottle 

Price: Starting at $32

Website: smartglassjewelry.com

2. Fabulyss Boutique

Fabulyss Boutique is empowering women in style with its safety keychains. The company was created after the founder felt unsafe on her college campus. While searching for self-defense items that she could carry with she saw a need and decided to create her own self-defense keychains that included multiple self-defense tools all in on one stylish place. 


  • Each self-defense keychain includes:
    • Wristlet
    • sanitizer holder
    • Kubotan
    • safety alarm/ LED light
    • pom pom 
    • pepper spray (optional)
  • Various colors and styles to provide you safety in style
  • Add-ons can be provided to enchance your safety features

Price: $30

Website: fabulyssboutique.com

3. Alicia Adams Alpaca - Field Blanket

Introducing Alicia Adams Alpaca – where high-end fashion and home decor meet sustainability. Founders Alicia Adams and Daniel Adams moved to New York from Germany with their family to breed alpacas. This family-run retail business utilizes alpaca wool for the design and production of textiles and clothing. Alpaca wool is one of the rarest and most luxurious materials because of its natural and exclusive fibers that are undeniably warm, water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and soft like silk.

  • Rustic meets refined in the Alicia Adams Alpaca Field Blanket
  • This eco-conscious alpaca blend throw blanket has been featured on The Today Show for years
  • It's exceptionally versatile and functions as a car blanket, a throw for your sofa or chair
  • It's considerably heavier than our traditional alpaca throws and has a more rustic vibe and texture to the touch
  • This stunning, fair-trade made alpaca throw incorporates a beautiful whipstitch trim that truly sets this product apart with a look you can't find anywhere else
  • Ease your carbon footprint with a sustainably sourced Field Throw Blanket that keeps family and friends warm and cozy

Price: $150.00 LIMITED TIME ONLY!  (Original Price: $495.00!!!)

Website: aliciaadamsalpaca.com

4. Cocomii Smartphone Accessories  

Cocomii is smartphone accessories that protect your devices with style! They specialize in square shaped cases that are cute and chic. The collection ranges from timeless solid color designs to fashionable animal print styles and are available in sizes for all iPhone and Galaxy phones. You can get different colors and patterns, and at a lower price point you can mix and match with your outfits! 

  • Luxury, chic world-class smartphone accessories that protect your devices
  • Square silicone case for silkly soft touch 
  • Available in sizes for all iPhone, AirPod, and Galaxy phones  
  • Cases ranges from timeless solid-color designs to fashionable animal print styles
  • TONS of different styles & colors to choose from
  • Durable & reliable: Square corners offer added drop protection! 

Price: Starting at $11.99

Website: cocomii.com 

5. Gel Blaster  - Starfire Blaster and Surge XL Day N Night Blaster

Make sure to check out Gel Blaster's Starfire Blaster! $68.00 (WALMART EXCLUSIVE)

Gel Blaster Starfire blasts eco-friendly, glow in the dark water-based Gellets which disintegrate on impact, leaving only a glowing trace behind. The water-based compound ensures a mess-free experience that will make all parents happy. 

- Gel Blaster is no mess, non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

- Gel Blaster gets kids off of screens. It's like video games in real life!

- Their cost of ammo allows you to throw it at full speed with no regard for the price. Because they ship them dehydrated, a pack of 10,000 Gellets only costs $5!

- Active, wholesome, family fun

PLUS!! Make sure to check out their Surge XL Day N Night, the newest addition in the Gel Blaster lineup!




PLUS!! Make sure to check out their Surge XL Day N Night Too!


Website: walmart.com


  1. Louloudi Skincare

When the temperature drops, and the humidity falls, your skin cries out for hydration. Cold weather can lead to cracks in the outer layers of your skin, inflammation and a general lack of moisture. Save your skin this winter with Louloudi Skincare.

  • Emphatic Facial Oil - an intentional blend of powerful essential oils to promote lymphatic circulation and drainage to soothe inflammation, and speed cellular renewal. 
  • Err’thang Balm replaces up to 5 items in your travel kit.  Use this organic, unscented everyday balm as:
  • Lip Balm, Makeup Remover, Cuticle Sealer, Dry Skin eraser, Safe for all ages, use on the whole family (including for diaper rash)!  
  • The entire collection is formulated with a unique blend of herbology, chemistry and Reiki.
  • All of their products are 100% organic, made using amazing plants, selected intentionally for a specific purpose.
  • They make everything in small batches to minimize waste.
  • They donate a dollar from every purchase to plant a tree with One Tree Planted, an organization that shares our dream of a greener planet.

Price: Starting at $7.00

Website: louloudiskincare.com

  1. Cashmere Moon

This year, raise your go-to gift up a notch with the decadently rich, hand-crafted creations from clean body care brand Cashmere Moon. Their products provide head-to-toe hydration, something that’s especially important during these dry winter months.

  • Made with simple, plant-based ingredients with no artificial ingredients
  • Vegan + cruelty-free. 
  • No fillers in any of the hand-crafted products. Each one has a specific purpose in aiding moisture + nourishment to your skin.
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Woman-owned, BIPOC-owned, Veteran-owned

Price: Starting at $10

Website: www.shopcashmeremoon.com


  1. Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose is a great stocking stuffer for the women in your life. Whether your hair is fine, thick or even curly they offer products that will work on your hair type and length. The designs are unique, durable, and will help her create comfortable, all-day-hold hairstyles!


  • Comfortable, durable and attractive hair goodies
  • Solutions for every hair thickness.
  • Add a beautiful statement to your hairstyle
  • No matter your style you can find a clip that works for you
  • Non-slip and 100% waterproof

Price: Starting at $15

Website: www.lillarose.biz/flexiflip/sport