Fox Colorado - Fun Finds For Spring!

The Buzz On Gifts' Kelly checks in with FOX Colorado for some fun finds for Spring! Check them out:


Figgi provides a minimalist approach to skincare, which involves cutting the number of products in your routine down to the bare essentials that will provide protection and lasting moisture with no harsh ingredients or irritating fragrances.

  • Replenish and restore your skin's radiant glow
  • Enriched with ceramides, niacinamide, and moisturizing agents
  • Enriched with Rooibos extract to help the skin feel soothed
  • Perfect pH for soft and smooth skin
  • Free from fragrances, essential oils, and exotic extracts

Price: $129.00 -

MOSAIC THE LABEL - Affirmation Card Deck

Mosaic the Label is a brand founded by a biracial female entrepreneur and mother that strives to empower and uplift other mixed individuals by creating a space for carefully curated products for those who want to find their place in the world, to flourish in that place and to show pride for that place once they find it.Their affirmation card deck is created and designed in-house, and features hand-drawn illustrations of hybrid tea roses on one side and an identity-confirming affirmation on the other.

  • Empowering messages to help you feel more confident and grounded
  • Hand-drawn illustrations of hybrid tea roses on one side and an identity-confirming affirmation on the other
  • Display a card each day with our wooden stand, included in each set
  • 45 double-sided affirmation cards
  • 1 wooden stand
  • Storage box

Price: Starting at $24.00 -


Don't compromise on your child's eyes. Sunnies are sunglasses that play as hard as your kids. Sunnies come standard with Polarized lenses, 100% UVA/UVB Protection, an anti-slip material to keep them on your kid's face, they're affordable, and your kids are guaranteed to love them.

  • Polarized lenses reduce glare and make images appear sharper 
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Reflective lenses
  • Durable frames: made to fit all kids lifestyles and activity levels
  • Anti-slip material to help prevent slippage 
  • For kids 4-10 years old
  • Includes a microfiber-carrying pouch for easy care and storage

Price: Starting at $25 -


Fabulyss Boutique is empowering women in style with its safety keychains. The company was created after the founder felt unsafe on her college campus. While searching for self-defense items that she could carry with she saw a need and decided to create her own self-defense keychains that included multiple self-defense tools all in on one stylish place. 

  • Each self-defense keychain includes:
    • Wristlet
    • sanitizer holder
    • Kubotan
    • safety alarm/ LED light
    • pom pom 
    • pepper spray (optional)
  • Various colors and styles to provide you safety in style
  • Add-ons can be provided to enchance your safety features

Price: Starting at $35 -


Elevate your next party by stocking up with SLRRRP single-serving gelatin shots! These smooth and tasty shooters are the world’s first plant-based gelatin shots. There’s no-prep, totally mess-free, and available in a wide array of taste bud-tingling flavors. Choose from fruit-flavored vodka, fruit-flavored malt liquor, or cinnamon whiskey! Match your colors to your team, put them on ice, and get ready to party!

  • Gelatin shots crafted with plant-based ingredients and premium alcohol
  • Choose from vodka, malt liquor, or cinnamon whiskey 
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fruit Flavors: 13% alcohol for regular size (50ml) and 8% alcohol for minis (35ml)
  • Cinnamon Whiskey: 15% alcohol
  • 60 calories or less per shot!
  • 8.5g sugar or less per shot!

Price: Starting at $10.99 -


With Spring right around the corner, and the days soon getting longer, there’s no better time than now to enjoy an outdoor fire with the help of Pull Start Fire. This 5-second fire starter is a must-have for those looking for ease and simplicity. Don’t have matches or a lighter? Struggling with the wind or rain? No need to worry, this innovative product can easily spark flames under any and all harsh conditions! The Pull Start Fire is a pull string fire-starter that is non-toxic and made from natural materials. 

  • The fastest and easiest way to start a fire this winter
  • Pull Start Fire can get a cozy fire going in seconds
  • Pull Start Fire is so effective it can even light your damp, wet, frozen, or fresh cut wood saving even more time! 
  • Windproof and Rainproof
  • Burns for over 30 minutes
  • Multiple built-in safety features

Price Starting at $19.99 -


Needing readers is a part of life for most of us, so why not use them in the shower too? Showerspecs® is that little something extra to make your life easier! To activate the fog-reducing coating, rub your dry fingers across the inside and outside of the lens, then put the glasses on. It may take one or more wipes of the lens, depending on how much steam is in your bathroom. (In most cases, the lens will clear within 30 seconds and remain clear for as long as you’re showering.)

  • Durable yet lightweight design is meant to get wet
  • The frames are made from grade A acetate
  • Lightweight lenses feature an anti-fog, hydrophobic coating on both sides
  • Perfect for the shower, bath, sauna, or spa
  • Available in +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, +3.5 and +4.0
  • Comes in three frame colors
  • Hinges are 5-barrel riveted stainless steel

Price Starting at $85 -


Whether it’s that moment of panic when you walk in a room or the jittery feeling you get every flight, it’s time you discover the breakthrough tech that’s taking calm to a whole new level around the globe! Meet Sensate. Designed by a pioneering group of experts in the stress management field, Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology™ is a wearable, palm-sized device and audio app that tones your vagus nerve, so you can naturally self-regulate your stress responses and find your calm.

  • Calms the fight, flight, or freeze response
  • Improves heart rate variability
  • Conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stresses
  • No effort, training, or experience needed
  • Takes as little as 10 minutes per day
  • Can be used as part of a daily routine, or to calm fears like flying, doctor visits, or as a mid-day recharge and refocus

Price: $299 -